General Features of HBO Series

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Game of Thrones, True Detective, Vinyl, such as the series of high-quality television series producer HBO’s time to review. Because the channel has a characteristic style and they reflect this in almost every series.

General Features of HBO Series
General Features of HBO Series
  • Firstly a lot of sexuality is used.
  • Inverse relationship, forbidden relationship and brothel and nightclubs there are always.
  • Action is minimal.
  • Conversation is weighted.
  • One of the most important characters in the series is shot by an unimportant character.
  • One of the main characters or important names may die unexpectedly.
  • Drug addicts characters are the majority.
  • Psychopathic types are usually the main characters and are never really good.
  • Usually there are many characters except the main character and all of them are the main character.
  • “Acting” is the most important word in the series.
  • Irish characters have an important place in the series.
  • Bad characters often live longer.
  • Switch to the story of characters considered unnecessary to reduce pulse.
  • Female characters are portrayed just like men. Sex-loving, swearing types.
  • Dust, soil and smoke are the dominant elements of the series.
  • Places are often selected from disturbing places.
  • Usually used to neo-noir films technics.
  • Eating food scenes are numerous.
  • Religious figures are implicitly included.
  • Shakespeare is quoted a lot.
  • Motherfucker, cocksucker, fuck and shit most used swearings.

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